Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smith Creek Photo Field Day

April 10 Smith Creek Photo Field Day. The $25 event is also a fund raiser for the Preserve. For additional information, visit

Springtime at Smith Creek Preserve is wild flower season. Wild flower season begins the middle of March and peaks roughly from about mid-April. Smith Creek is as good a wildflower venue as exists in Arkansas, easily on par with Lost Valley, and better in some respects.

Smith Creek Preserve is a project of the Nature Conservancy located in the upper Buffalo River area just south of Boxley Valley and east of the Upper Wilderness . The 1,226 preserve was created in 2005 to protect Arkansas' largest Indiana Bat population, and the remarkable natural resources of the pristine area. Visit the preserve website for more information.

Smith Creek itself offers many water attractions with falls, flows and cascades. The peak wildflower season usually with the highest water flow in the creek, so spring is prime time in Smith Creek.

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